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Protect Your Creative Work Through Copyright

Creative endeavors are an extension of yourself. When you create an original work of authorship (OWA), such as literature or music, the law automatically protects your creation as belonging to you. You may sell these rights to another, share them with someone else or keep them for yourself, as you see fit. If someone else tries to claim your work or uses it without your permission, you should seek legal help to defend your copyright.

Texas Trademark Lawyer, is ready to help you with any or all of these steps regarding your creative work. Our attorney has over 15 years of experience assisting clients in the Houston area with all their intellectual property needs.

What Types Of Works Can You Copyright?

When you create something unique, you have the right to recreate, sell, perform and protect it from infringement by another. Copyright only covers a written or physical work; not ideas or theories. Copyright laws generally cover five creative categories:

  • Literature and film – This can include fiction and nonfiction, and applies as soon as you write down your ideas.
  • Music – This may include both the music and any lyrics, as well as the combination of the two. It must be written down, however, to be copyrighted.
  • Architecture – Building design combines artistic creativity with engineering into unique works.
  • Artwork – Art is sometimes difficult to define, but generally speaking, copyright can apply to any type of tangible medium.
  • Computer software – This is the newest addition to the copyright laws and includes the programming instructions necessary to run the software.

You do not need to register anything in order to protect your copyright. You need only be able to show that you are the work’s creator. If you must challenge another person’s use of your creation in court, however, you will want to register your copyright. Our office can guide you through that process, as well as represent you throughout your litigation.

Let Us Help You Control Your Creative Work

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