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Intellectual Property Can Be Your Business’s Most Valuable Possession

The law recognizes that your intellectual property can be just as valuable to your business as a building or a vehicle. In some cases, your entire business model may rest on a unique product or design. You want to protect your business and its future opportunities by protecting and defending your intellectual property rights.

At Texas Trademark Lawyer, our attorney has over 15 years of legal experience and is a registered patent attorney. He has a technical background and training that allows him to understand the intricacies of engineering and design. Our team enjoys helping Houston-area businesses succeed through all stages of formation and growth, especially when it comes to protecting their innovations and ideas.

Defining Intellectual Property

The definition of intellectual property is a work born of creative invention, granting the owner certain rights. Intellectual property can consist of many things and entails more than most people realize. It generally falls into four main categories of protection, including:

  • Patents – When you come up with a new product or method for creating an existing product, you can file your idea with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Trade secrets – Most businesses have some unique, private information involving their product, process or methodology that gives them a special edge in the marketplace. The law protects such trade secrets from being copied or stolen.
  • Trademarks – Many people are familiar with that tiny “TM” next to company logos or brands. The law protects creative expression and ideas, just as it does a physical product or invention. The words and symbols you use to identify yourself and your products are important.
  • Copyrights – This is a specific type of legal protection for the authorship of original works, such as literature, art and music, as well as computer software.

Do You Need A Trademark?

Perhaps you have a trade secret or distinctive logo associated with your unique product or service, and you are wondering if you need a trademark. A trademark can give you several legal protections. When you meet with attorney Kevin Keeling, he can advise you regarding trademarks as well as other legal protections for your intellectual property.

We Can Help Bring Your Ideas To Life

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