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Your options after encountering a copycat business

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Intellectual Property |

It’s taken many years of hard work but you’ve finally established your company and things are going well. You have a loyal and hard-working team on board, and your branding is clear and precise and says exactly what you want to say.  

In fact, your business is so successful that rivals have really started to take notice. You’re shocked to discover that a rival firm has adjusted its branding and it’s essentially a mirror image of your own. 

What are your options after encountering a copycat business? 

Try reasonable discussions first 

It’s amazing how often a simple discussion can resolve issues. The copycat firm may have made an honest mistake, or genuinely not realized the legalities behind intellectual property. If they are reluctant to stop using your branding, then you can always issue a demand letter. This is an official notice that requires them to stop until the matter has been resolved. 

Preventative measures are best 

As you design your logos, websites and other branding, it’s important to include intellectual property protection in this process. By having legal protection in place at the start, there is less chance of getting into disputes and even if you do, your case should be much stronger. 

You’ve worked too hard just to have others steal your ideas. Make sure you include intellectual property protection in all of your plans. By having some legal guidance behind you, your business will be much better equipped to tackle disputes should they arise.