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Do my virtual goods need a trademark?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Trademarks |

Over the last five years, business has changed drastically. Not only have many companies changed their business model, but some have also changed their perspective on what a product is.

Not long ago, a trademarked product was something you could hold in your hand, and it was clear if someone infringed on your intellectual property. Now, your trademarked goods and services can exist entirely in the metaverse, adding a new question to what needs to be trademarked.

Here’s what you should know about trademarking your goods and services for the virtual world.

Operating in the metaverse

Brand exposure is an advantage of adding your trademarked goods and services to the metaverse. In addition to your exposure through storefronts, social media and other channels, you can expose many others to your branding through their experiences in virtual reality settings.

As you consider your place in the metaverse, you should think about the goods and services that already exist there. One of the ideas behind creating a virtual life in the metaverse is being able to create an ideal. For many, that may include adding your products and services to their virtual life.

When you trademark virtual goods and services, you not only gain brand exposure, you allow people who want to include your branding in their virtual life.

Policing the metaverse

Along with advantages to exposure in the metaverse come challenges. When you are new to the metaverse, you may notice products that are the same or similar to your own.

In addition to filing your own trademark applications, you may find that some are using your branding in bad faith. Ultimately, you may need to decide how to approach cases of improper usage of your company’s products and services.