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Can you trademark a color scheme?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Trademarks |

As you get your new business set up, you know that you can trademark things like your logo and other identifying marks. It’s very important to do this to make sure there is no confusion among consumers and to protect the brand that you’re creating.

But what about the colors that you choose? Can you actually trademark the color scheme or just the marks that are made out of these colors?

Colors can be trademarked in certain situations

When a color is an important part of your branding and does help identify that brand to the consumer, you may be able to trademark it. This can help to keep your brand unique.

You often see this with uniforms. For instance, Target has trademarked its red and white color scheme, and all of the workers at any Target store are always wearing red shirts. UPS has trademarked its brown color scheme, which again correlates to the uniforms that the workers wear.

When people see these very specific colors used in this setting, they instantly think of those companies. This makes it just as important for the color scheme to be trademarked as for any other types of identifying qualities.

It is important to remember that these trademarks will only work between companies that may be confused or that operate in similar Industries. It doesn’t mean that you could just trademark the color blue and then no one else can use it, but you do have some options if your color scheme is important to you and you think that it needs to be protected. Make sure you know exactly what legal steps to take.