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How can you protect your t-shirt designs?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Copyright |

If you’re starting a t-shirt business, one of the things to consider is copyrighting your t-shirt designs. Your designs stand to make you a significant income if they go viral or are popular, so it is smart to copyright your images to protect them against theft. 

Your copyright controls who can copy and use your work. Copyrights are more specifically a part of the law to encourage people to create their own original works and to protect the original creators. 

Did you know that you automatically hold the copyright?

You automatically hold the copyright over your work, even if you haven’t published it yet. This is because copyrights protect original works such as poetry, songs, software and even graphic design elements. You don’t need to put the copyright symbol on your piece for it to be protected. 

What can you do if someone steals your work?

If someone steals your design without your permission, then you could choose to make a claim against them. You may choose to ask that they take down the product that they’re selling and go on to seek punitive damages for the unauthorized use of your artwork. For example, if they sell 10 copies of your t-shirt design, you may ask that they compensate you for each of those sales. 

If you’re concerned that someone has stolen your work, it’s time to take action. Our website has more information on what you can do to make the other party take down the offending content and get compensation for any sales they’ve made by using your products and designs. This is your right as the original creator.