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Two home security companies settle trademark dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Trademarks |

Two major home security companies, Ring and ADT, announced that they had settled a trademark dispute.

At issue was the similarity between ADT’s blue octagonal sign and an outdoor siren manufactured by Ring. According to a suit ADT filed a couple of months ago, the concern was that the siren is also an octagon and is a lighter shade of blue.

The siren bears Ring’s brand logo rather than that of ADT.

According to reports, the settlement will involve Ring’s re-designing the American version of its siren to look less like ADT’s blue sign.

The two companies have had intellectual property disputes before. On one occasion, ADT accused Ring of misappropriating ADT’s confidential information so that Ring could design or improve upon some of its products. ADT has also previously asked Ring to re-design its signage.

A business can protect its brand from others who try to profit from it

The whole point of a trademark is to allow a business to market goods or services to the public in a way that distinguishes the business’s products.

Trademark infringement pays off for another business because they can make their products and services look like those of another well-known brand such that the public cannot fully tell the difference.

They then can use the free publicity to keep marketing costs down and may also be able to pass off an inferior product as something better than it is.

Businesses will want to protect their brand names, logos and the like. They may be do so by registering a trademark, but this is not always full proof.  Sometimes, a business will have to protect its branding by starting litigation in order to stop trademark infringement.