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Exercise bike company Peloton in trademark dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Trademarks |

In Texas and across the nation, the ongoing health crisis has necessitated that people adapt to the changed circumstances. A major part of that has involved people adjusting how they exercise. This has led to something of a boom for home exercise equipment. That popularity is undoubtedly a positive for companies that have created a certain type of product. Still, it can lead to disagreements over trademarks and subsequent legal wrangling. Those who have trademarked a product should be cognizant of legal disagreements as they might face similar challenges in their business.

The term “spinning” is part of a trademark dispute

Peloton has grown exceedingly popular in recent years and has been boosted by people exercising at home. However, a trademark dispute is moving forward about the term “spinning” and Peloton is in the middle of it. The terms “spin” and “spinning” might sound like everyday words, but they also relate to bicycle exercise classes and were trademarked more than two decades ago. Peloton has filed to cancel the trademarks saying that they are generic words related to bicycle exercise and should not be limited in their use.

The owner of the trademarks – Mad Dogg Athletics – previously sued Peloton saying their rights were violated by the bike design. That was a patent lawsuit and the new Peloton filing is a trademark claim. Mad Dogg asserts that it is nothing more than retaliation. It is not unusual for terms to have once been trademarked only to have the trademark removed as the terminology grew so widespread that it could not be legally limited.

Understanding the value of trademarks

A person or company should know how to protect its brand. That may involve trademarks of symbols, names or words that directly link to the business. Any violation of a trademark law can have major financial ramifications. When there is a belief that a trademark violation has taken place or a company is under the impression that there should not be a trademark at all, it is wise to have legal assistance to address the issue. For help with these sometimes confusion and complex cases, experienced guidance can be crucial.