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Tesla accuses new employee of stealing trade secrets

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Trade Secrets |

When a company hires an employee, they assume they will follow the company rules regarding copyrights and trademarks. Usually, employees sign an agreement with their company when they are hired to protect company secrets. The car company, Tesla, is accusing one of its new employees of stealing trade secrets.

New Tesla employee accused of stealing code

An employee who was with Tesla for less than two weeks has been sued for allegedly stealing more than 6,000 files of code. The employee was a software engineer and Tesla alleges that he immediately began uploading source code when he took the job. Tesla says the code is used for automation processes and could be used by competitors. The employee uploaded the code to Dropbox so he could access from his personal computer. The employee claims that he didn’t know that was against company policy. Tesla has a record of aggressively pursuing former employees for stolen intellectual property.

Trade secrets attorney

Companies understand how important intellectual property is for their business. Trade secrets are what make companies unique. Protecting intellectual property is critical. An attorney who specializes in trade secrets can help a company protect their trade secrets. They can help draft employment contracts that protect trade secrets, represent a company during unfair business disputes, and provide effective dispute resolution services.

Intellectual property is incredibly valuable for companies. The law protects these trade secrets from being copied or stolen. A business wants to protect their business and future opportunities and having an attorney who specializes in intellectual property can be valuable.